What is Thoroughly Thought Through?

Thoroughly Thought Through is a digital zine in the making. The first publication will be available on 1st August, 2023.

The philosophy of this zine is to say something only if it is worth saying, not caring what others think of you, doing what you like and doing it by yourself.

Submissions are open.

You can email me your work at the.umbritzer@gmail.com.

Thoroughly Thought Through is a non-commercial project. This website or anything appearing on it is in no way designed or geared towards any market or making profits.

You can send me your writing (fiction and non-fiction), poems, photographs or artwork. If there is another mode in which you creatively express yourself you can send that too. It must be something that you made.

But it should be well-ordered. Open-ended prose and poetry lacking structure is not appreciated.


The zine will follow a rolling publishment cycle. Works will be published on the website once they have been selected. A single "zine" edition of all the selected works will be released at the end of this year.

You can send your contribution by

... sending an email to the address below. You can also send me your thoughts and feedback here: